Reds Opening Day!

OpeningDayIt has been a tradition that my brother in –law and I go to the Reds Opening Day game every year for the past few years…. five, maybe the last six consecutive years.  I am excited to say that we are going again today.

I am proud to be a part of Cincinnati since it has become my home over the last twenty years. It is so interesting to see all the fans come out of the wood-works  It’s a sign that spring is here and summer is on the way.

I TRY to stay positive!! I believe prejudice is still a part of the Cincinnati culture, though it is getting better. Going to a baseball game makes me very happy (or is it all the beer?), for a little bit, it makes me just another baseball fan to some whom at times may see me as a different “type” of person. I love baseball not just because it helps me blend in, because, sunshine, beer, hotdogs, Cincinnati and spring… just a good combo. Go Reds!

Are you going to your teams Opening Day?

Please remember: This is not advice, it’s my opinion, in my own words. If you want to ask my opinion or leave your own, please do.

 LetterAAlways, Arlene