April Fools

april-fools-day25My girls were trying to play a few April Fools’ day pranks on me…. They didn’t quite get what a prank is…

I then explained what an April Fools’ Joke is. I said “hold on, I’ll show you.” Then I start to cry out in pain because I’ve hurt my finger on my phone. (I hurt my fingers on a daily basis – so no surprise). My oldest say’s “Mom, what did you do now?” The youngest looks on with concern…. After about 30 seconds I say “April Fools!!” OK, so not the best prank ever, but it was a good one coming from me!

Now let’s see what we can come up with to fool Daddy when he gets home from work….

Did you play a prank on someone today?

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 LetterAAlways, Arlene