Crying in Public

GreenFlower Have you ever noticed someone crying and stopped to ask if they were OK? I did last Saturday…. then I ended up a few hours later being the one crying (in public). It was so hard for me since I usually don’t cry! Especially in front of others!! The girl thru the drive thru that was crying looked so sad, I had asked her if she was OK and she said “Yes, I’m fine.” I gave her a nice farewell telling her I hoped her day would get better. Don’t know how many people noticed me while I was upset, no one stopped to see if I was OK. Though, I was not crying uncontrollably, I just that unhappy, few tears rolling down the face. Thank God my husband was on his way so I was able to have him comfort me….

What would you do if you saw someone crying in public?

Please remember: This is not advice, it’s my opinion, in my own words. If you want to ask my opinion or leave your own, please do.

 LetterAAlways, Arlene

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