Home Again! Be Nice to Others.

BWHeartHi everyone! Have you missed me? I really missed being home, it was so nice getting away for a few days and visiting with family. My girls had a blast, which is what really matters. Did you get to spend time with family and friends? I plan on having a great summer! Memorial Day has always started out our summers….. Now it shall begin!!

A positive thought for the day…. Be nice to yourself! Be nice to others! And it will make you feel happier than you could have ever imagined.

I spent some time in the Smoky Mountains and the service, people, etc… all so courteous, friendly! LOVED it!!! Get home and ladies that I’ve know for awhile, walking right past me and my house, while I’m watering my garden…. walk right by without even a wave. No “hello”, nothing. So sad!! It’s not that I’m missing out on their friendship, they are missing out on mine!

How did you spend your Holiday Weekend?

Please remember: This is not advice, it’s my opinion, in my own words. If you want to ask my opinion or leave your own, please do.

 LetterAAlways, Arlene

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