Magnificent Monday!

MagnificentMondayHow many of us have books that we have not read and will never read. Not many people read all of their books, let alone more than once. Someone could benefit from books you no longer want. You can give to someone you know personally who might be interested in the book, or just donate your books to your local Good Will. Especially children’s books. I like to covet my books that I have read, that I know I won’t read again. Though I draw a line when it comes to all of the children’s books I have collected. Most of these books are from our library book sales, which are in my opinion the BEST way to get your children a variety of books.

This Monday’s idea: Donate your books.

How many books do you have in your home library?

 LetterAAlways, Arlene

Please remember: This is not advice, it’s my opinion, in my own words. If you want to ask my opinion or leave your own, please do.

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