Who Inspires You?

ClockHave you ever been inspired by an incredible person? Someone who has six kids at the mall and has all kids clean, fed and well behaved? Or someone who is strong, kind, generous and has the courage to be a police officer? Inspired by a teacher, mother, father, friend?

I have been inspired many times in my life. Today, I’ll mention one lady in particular who has many hardships in her life. (Name withheld for privacy). She also has many gifts in her life; her family, friends, husband, children. What good are all of those things when you have to deal with illness? Illness that keeps you from living life? The strength it takes for us to do the little daily things in life, takes others ten times more strength to do the same things.

My inspiration comes from the fact that an illness that would keep most down, can’t keep her down.  I remind myself that it’s a good thing to have so much to do, that it’s a gift that I have my health, family and friends. We are always given a choice in life, should we or should we not…. Don’t waste any time. Just do it! And be happy that you can.

So who has inspired you?

Please remember: This is not advice, it’s my opinion, in my own words. If you want to ask my opinion or leave your own, please do.

 LetterAAlways, Arlene


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